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Anesthesia Society Info Page
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We are excited to announce the creation of the Anesthesia Society for AAEVT members! This idea came from some discussions at our Anesthesia CE Event at Park Equine in June 2016…. And the members who were there were very enthusiastic about this benefit and gave us some great input.

Any member of the AAEVT can be a member of the Anesthesia Society, and for those who want to expand their expertise and skill and knowledge in the area of Equine Anesthesia, we will be creating a certification program. There will be CE events throughout the year, organized by the Society and our Instructor of note will be Dr. Lori Bidwell.


Here are the dates and locations for our Anesthesia Society CE Events for 2018:





March 24-25, 2018

SW Regional AAEVT Anesthesia Society Educational Event

SouthWest Equine Hospital, Scottsdale, AZ (Phoenix area)

 June 15-17, 2018

AAEVT Anesthesia Society SE Educational Event

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, Lexington, KY

September 2018

AAEVT Advanced Anesthesia Educational Event

Dallas, TX


We hope to see you there!


For more information about the Society, please contact Deborah Reeder  214-505-1548 

 Here is some additional information:


The AAEVT Anesthesia Society exists to promote excellence in the discipline of equine veterinary Anesthesia.  The Society will provide a process by which AAEVT member technicians and assistants may become certified as qualified with excellence in the field of equine veterinary anesthesia.  These individuals will demonstrate superior knowledge in scientifically – and humanely – based techniques of equine veterinary anesthesia.

*** A Society is a group of individuals who have a common interest and passion for a topic or field of study. It does not have the capability to credential. It can offer RACE approved CE, it can offer certificates of completion, and it can offer criteria for required study should a member wish to receive recognition of completion and a certificate. By being a member you are not required to achieve this more advanced level.



To advance the education and professional recognition of

AAEVT members who display

excellence in and dedication to providing superior anesthesia care

to the equine patient.


Section 2.        OBJECTIVES

a.    Promote advancement and a standard of excellence of anesthesia practice for those certified veterinary technicians/ assistants involved in equine veterinary anesthesia.

b.    Establish advanced levels of education and experience prerequisites leading to certification in equine veterinary anesthesia.

c.    Examine, certify and recognize AAEVT equine veterinary technicians and / or assistants as specialized team members in equine anesthesia.

d.    Provide mentorship, instruction, scientific and hands on wetlab/ presentations, resources and other contributions to knowledge relating to equine veterinary anesthesia.

e.    Educate the equine veterinary profession and industry on the value of advanced education and certification of the equine veterinary technician/ assistant   in equine veterinary anesthesia and the employment of these individuals.

f.      Educate the public on the benefit of the contribution of an AAEVT Equine Veterinary Anesthesia Society member in performing anesthesia in the equine practice.

g.    Promote continuing education and dissemination of knowledge relating to equine veterinary anesthesia.





Membership in the Society

1.    Must be an AAEVT member in good standing.

2.    Associate Membership -Free for those who wish to learn more about Equine Anesthesia and be a member of this Society. (Belonging to a Society is something that could be open to all and to help them gain an interest – ie these would be those who might join the Facebook page for example).

3.    Regular Membership ( $25.00)  would be for those who have the intention of pursuing Anesthesia Certification through the Society, and who plan on or have attended an AAEVT Society CE Event. These individuals would have access to use of the Society Logo and all information in advance.

4.    Membership in the Society would only be open to those who attend an AAEVT Anesthesia society wet lab / lecture event.

5.    $100.00 for those wishing to pursue a Certificate of Completion in the areas of study offered *** Advanced.

b.    Registration for any CE events and Wet labs would be additional and the responsibility of the applicant.

c.    Dr. Lori Bidwell will be the Instructor of note, and any additional instructors would have to be approved by the Committee, of which Dr. Bidwell would be an Advisory member.  Technicians may also be instructors.

d.    Any Instructor would be paid for their Instruction time, travel and accommodations while in attendance at a CE Event of Wet lab hosted by the Society. Solicitation of Sponsors would cover these expenses.

e.    Membership dues and Sponsorship would have to cover the cost of paying for any Instructors, Supplies, venues, horses, and cost to host a CE event, webinar or wetlab.

f.      Minimum:  2 CE Events a year with lectures and wet labs.  AAEVT Annual Convention could also offer some Anesthesia. Webinars and Case Studies with discussion would be other venues available throughout the year.  Events need to be regionally located, but in practices or CVM’s or Venues where the facility and staff and available needs have been pre- approved.

g.    Some possible locations:

h.    Park Equine (KY) , Tryon Equine ( NC/SC) , Animal Imaging (TX) , Circle Oak (CA), and others as sourced by the Committee.



Credential Requirements for Initial Certification ( This would be optional)


a)    Credential Requirements dictate that each applicant, before he or she is declared eligible for examination, must:

                                          i.    The candidate must be an active member of the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians (AAEVT).

                                         ii.    Membership fee of $100.00 to belong to the Society and begin the certification process. 

                                        iii.    Renewal fee of $50.00 per year plus proof of CE – Anesthesia focus.

                                       iv.    Two years /a minimum of 3,000 hrs work experience or its equivalent in the field of equine veterinary technology, clinical or nursing based, with not less than 75% of their experience (a minimum of 2000 hrs) being dedicated to anesthesia of the equine patient. All experience must be completed within the three years prior to the application. A total of 3  years can be taken to achieve this certification.

                                        v.    A minimum of Fifteen (15) continuing education (CE) hours related to equine veterinary anesthesia which can be done over the course of 2 years. (*** Will strive for minimum of 15 hours being offered at any one Anesthesia focused event sponsored by the Society).

1.    The continuing education must be completed within the last three years immediately prior to submitting the application

2.    The continuing education must be received from an accredited veterinary technician school, school of veterinary medicine, national or regional conference, or a conference sponsored by AAEVT or the academy of veterinary equine nursing technicians.  Proof of attendance is required. All continuing education hours must be RACE approved or equivalent.

3.    At least 10 hours of the CE must be under the direction of an

                     approved AAEVT Society Instructor within a 2 year period.

                                       vi.    Provide the documentary evidence of advanced competence in equine veterinary anesthesia.


1.    A case record log is maintained for one (1) year immediately preceding the submission of the application.

a.    A minimum of Five (5) acceptable cases is required for application approval. The cases shall reflect the management of the equine patient under anesthesia and mastery of advanced veterinary equine anesthesia skills. The log should include the following: Date, Patient identification (name or number), species/breed, age, sex, weight, veterinary diagnosis, length of care, final outcome, and summary of equine veterinary anesthesia techniques and procedures performed by the applicant on the patient


2.    Two (2) letters of recommendations written by members from the following categories: a VTS-EVN, a veterinarian who is an AAEP member, or a veterinary Diplomat from the ACVS or ACVA,  who are employed in equine practice.




 Areas of expertise: including but not limited to:

  • Be able to demonstrate a comprehensive working knowledge of equine veterinary Anesthesia care from the newborn foal to the aged
  • Be able to correctly understand, communicate, train and mentor others, and utilize the knowledge required in the performance of all tasks and duties as an equine veterinary anesthesia technician in the areas of:
  • Pre-Anesthetic Assessment
  • Anatomy of the Equine
  • Laboratory workups
  • Anesthesia Prep
  • Pre-Med  and Sedation
  • Analgesia
  • Induction and Intubation
  • Positioning for various procedures
  • Maintentance of Anesthesia
  • Maintenance of Equipment and Care of Machines
  • How Anesthesia Machines work
  • Monitoring
  • Supportive Care
  • Blocks
  • Drips, CRI
  • Special Procedures  ( eyes, MRI)
  • Recovery
  • Foals
  • Complications
  • Emergencies
  • Pain Management  - Accupuncture
  • Post Anesthesia
  • Donkeys, Mules, Zebras, Mustangs,
  • Professionalism


For more information, please contact Deborah Reeder   214-505-1548

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